Rustic Charm Meets Modern Food At The Village Shop


the village shop vegan food bandra


Housed on the ground floor of an old villa, The Village Shop is the friendlier, leafier alternative to The Birdsong Café. The café offers delicious organic, gluten-free, and vegan food in a verdant setting, while the in-house shop sells cakes, cookies, cheese, coffee, and more.

The Village Shop, 53, Serpis Villa, Chimbai Road, Bandra West(w), Mumbai 400 050. Phone: 022 2642 0651


At first glance, a lot about The Village Shop is quite un-village like. The prices are more London than Latur, and Sussane’s Lasagne’s isn’t something you’re likely to find in the hinterlands of this country. But the welcoming smiles, lush backdrop, and hearty smells are reminiscent of simpler times in rural settings. And that’s enough to stay awhile at this organic café at the edge of Bandra’s Chimbai village.

The extensive, vegan-friendly menu ensures diners have enough options for all three meals and more. The granola-laden Crunch bowl is perfect for weight-watchers with a lean appetite. Others can indulge in the more substantial Power Breakfast that comes with a choice of paneer, tofu, or eggs cooked as per request. Lunch can be a salad of roasted quinoa or Burmese greens accompanied by cool coconut water with floating pomegranate pearls. The multi-layered vegetarian lasagna and vegan pizza are highly recommended dinner alternatives, even for hard-core non-vegetarians. Their herb and flower teas, vegan smoothies, and six different types of coffee can be had anytime of the day.

There’s ample reason to spend a sizeable amount of time in this rustic café, with or without company. But if you find yourself in a rush, you can always buy some of their gluten-free bread or cakes and cookies. Be warned though: takeaway goodies don’t come packaged with the village vibes.  

Feature photograph by Suruchi Maira