Title Waves Is More Than Simply A Bookstore


title waves bookstore bandra mumbai


Title Waves is a bookstore in Bandra that also has a café and merchandise shop within its premises.  It amasses the best of every genre, from fiction and young adult to cooking and children’s books.

Title Waves, Opp. Duruelo Convent School, 24th Road, Off Turner Road, Bandra (w), Mumbai 400 050. Phone: 022 2651 0841


First and foremost, let’s take a moment to appreciate the greatness of the pun that is this bookstore’s name. Seriously, it’s just brilliant.

Title Waves, located just off Turner Road in Bandra, is one of the larger, more spacious bookstores in the city. The first time I went there (because, you know, new bookstore), I was rather awed by its large glass front and soothing interiors. I stood just inside the clear glass doors (the air-conditioning a vivid relief from the summer sun), looking around this wide space of light wood and shining tiles, and felt a sense of calm. This would not be a place I would soon forget.

The walls to either side are long stretches of bookshelves, and all the space in between them is taken up by smaller stand-alone bookshelves that are not too tall (there’s no awkward and embarrassing leaping into the air to grab that one book on the top shelf for us short people!). Bright and colourful new books turned outwards fill up all the neatly ordered shelves, and a few are dedicated to children’s toys. I always make a beeline for the poetry shelf where I have found some of my most prized volumes, including a beautiful collection of Rumi’s poetry and William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience with facsimiles of their original artwork! The fact that the poetry section is right next to the entrance to Di Bella Coffee, which is connected to the bookstore, only emphasises its appeal because the only thing better than reading poetry? Reading poetry with waffles.

Title Waves is not a bookstore you quickly stop by in the middle of a rushed day.

The store stretches on, amassing the best of every genre, from fiction and young adult to cooking and children’s books. I’ve gathered at least a dozen books from this store, and it’s one I recommend to any friend visiting Mumbai who likes to read, no matter their genre of preference. It even has a small side section that’s home to The Entertainment Store, which is just the greatest pop culture merchandise store and the only one in Mumbai.

Needless to say, Title Waves is a place I often return to, whether to pick up specific books or browse on a rainy day or, upon occasion, sit on the floor of the children’s section for hours with a friend, combing through Doctor Who ABC books and Enid Blytons and Harry Potter picture books, just because we can. The store is full of some of my fondest memories from my college years, including but not limited to the amusing sight of Shahid Kapoor dressed in far too tight jeans and an ugly “swag” hat awkwardly picking up some friends from the store and trying not to be noticed.

Title Waves is not a bookstore you quickly stop by in the middle of a rushed day; it is one you spend hours in, combing every shelf and filling the spaces between them with hushed laughter. It is a place where you buy a few books, get some coffee, and then come back and browse some more. It is a tranquil asylum from torrential rains and searing summer heat alike. A place where “Should I buy this?” becomes “I already bought it”, and your bank account empties, but you still have no regrets. The next time you have a few hours to kill or need a place to hide out surrounded by books, go to Title Waves; I promise you won’t be in a hurry to leave.

Feature photo by Suruchi Maira

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