The Story Behind The T-Shirt




We asked a few people from Mumbai to tell us about their favourite t-shirt and the story behind it.

Sanket Avlani - Taxi Fabric

My favourite is a Keith Haring t-shirt. Also a photograph of him sitting in a New York subway. It's a beautiful photograph, where the doors of the subway are open and you can see his piece through it, on the station. That's how he started, making work at public spaces. He's one of my biggest inspirations.

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Amal Dutt – Head of Business Development, Luxury Fashion

I used to have this really cool vintage Metallica t-shirt that I bought from a used t-shirt store in Bangkok circa 2001. I kept it with care and wore it on special occasions. But somehow misplaced it (not ruling out my mom throwing it away)... So to make up for it I bought a vintage AC/DC t-shirt. And now I wear it thinking it's my old Metallica t-shirt.

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Arathi Jayaram – Creative Head - digital and social media marketing

I got this from Thailand 5 years ago. I don't know why I bought it because I wasn't really into Daft Punk back then. But I knew they were cool. And I wanted to be cool. Because I got this I had to get into Daft Punk. So it's like I had an arranged marriage with this t-shirt. Shaadi ke baad pyaar hua.

T-Shirt Bombay_002

Varun Gathani – Independent Filmmaker, producer

This Kermit t-shirt is my favourite. It's just a different way of telling some one Santa ain't real! Kermit is not a person ... it's just a fucking hand! Get with it!

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Jessica Jayne - Entrepreneur (Pahadi Local)

Frankie Says Relax! This has been one of the biggest mysteries to me while growing up as the youngest of four sisters. A family big on music from Big Band Era, Barry White to the Black Crows - it was inevitable for me to miss this one!  I lived through this t-shirt rage in the '80s and always asked, " who's this Frankie?"! Years later I stumbled across my answer (yes, I believe in Carl Jung's Synchronicity theory) and found some rather interesting stories behind this song, it being banned for its various connotations. I just knew I had to get myself this t-shirt, now that part of it was demystified (to say the least)! And I found it two years ago in my favourite t-shirt store in London and can safely say that I'm now relaxed!

T-Shirt Bombay_005

Kruti Dalal - Writer

My favourite t-shirt isn't even mine. I'd bought it for one of my closest friends from the Central Market in Phnom Penh. It was an easy choice for me, considering the t-shirt was embossed with a logo of the beer that had ensured my sanity in 40 degree weather over the past 10 days. Three weeks after returning to Mumbai, I still hadn't met him. The t-shirt was on the first shelf in my cupboard, the soft cotton calling out to me every time I reached for one of my synthetic tops. When we hit the one month mark, I gave in. Since then, this favourite t-shirt, with my favourite beer, meant for my favourite friend has never been in the cupboard for more than three days at a stretch.

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