A Resident’s Guide To The Best Restaurants In Wanstead



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I tell all my friends that I’d move to South West London in a heartbeat. Give me Wimbledon Village over Wanstead Village any day. I’d rather float in a dreamy daze amid the leafy green surroundings of Barnes than be stuck right by an Essex postcode. But if it really did happen, I might be just a little heartbroken. I love E11. My heart expands with pride every time I hear someone sigh and state how beautiful an area it is with its close proximity to Epping Forest and its “community vibe”. As usual, we never tend to appreciate the things right at our doorstep because who wants to be a tourist in their own town right? But here are the spaces and little nothings of Wanstead that I’d miss desperately if I were to move out of this pretty little how town.

The Larder
Even before I moved to North East London, I’d spent some dreamy afternoons at Larder. Since my first visit in 2012, it’s become swankier, not in terms of atmosphere but with the produce it sells. It has standard café fare, but you’ll see a love for all things local in this little neighbourhood “caff”. Beers, wines, gins, jams, and chutneys – all celebrating the lovely community spirit we love so much in a neighbourhood “village”. And it’s not just a place that is filled with grannies and mummies with their strollers. On one particular weekend, I bumped into Sharon Horgan (of Catastrophe fame) waiting for her daughter to finish dance class!

The Larder, 39 High Street, London E11 2AA. Phone: 020 8989 7181

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The Ginger Pig
A much-awaited new addition to Wanstead High Street, The Ginger Pig opened its doors to the good people surrounding E11 in July 2016. And like in most quiet suburbs, a gentle buzz of excitement crept in every time there was some movement in the empty shell that is now filled with pork pies, smoked ham, legs of lamb and pork belly. While I waited greedily for my merguez lamb sausage roll, an elderly lady who’d no doubt made The Ginger Pig her go-to butcher for her Sunday Roasts nodded encouragingly at me, “They’re very good. Very good, indeed.” Incidentally, Dishoom sources their bacon from The Ginger Pig. That’s always a good sign!

The Ginger Pig, 3 Clock House Parade, High Street Wanstead, London E11 2AG. Phone: 020 3869 7880

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Provender Cafe Bistro
Every neighbourhood deserves a Michelin Bib Gourmand starred French bistro where you can saunter in on a lazy Sunday morning and order Croque Monsieur almost nonchalantly or treat your parents to a juicy steak on their anniversary. Provender is one of the best French restaurants I’ve been to in London and after this interview with its chef and owner, it’s very nearly my favourite.

Provender Cafe Bistro, 17 High Street, London, Wanstead E11 2AA. Phone: 020 8530 3050

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The Tiffin Tin
I can’t possibly write about Wanstead Village without including my go-to curry takeaway joint. It’s hard to ignore the tantalising fragrance of simmering spices that waft out of Tiffin Tin when you walk out of Snaresbrook station. Even more so after a drunken Saturday night when all you want is greasy grub to soak up all the alcohol. They deliver to a radius of four miles, and if I ever move out of Wanstead, I’ll ensure that my future residence is well within that radius.

The Tiffin Tin, 4 Station Approach, London E11 1QF. Phone: 020 8989 3339

This is my Wanstead. What does your neighbourhood look like?

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