Postcards From Portugal



Cinematographer Krish Makhija’s Instagram bio says he’s based “in the wind”. It’s a description someone used for him because he moved so often it was hard to keep track of where he was. Krish is now in Mumbai, but he spent the past two years pursuing a joint Masters program co-funded by the European Commission in partnership with three schools in Portugal, Estonia, and Scotland. The program culminated in the realisation of two final short films as collaborative projects with other students, giving him a chance to collaborate with an amazing group of individuals on two distinct and exciting projects. He travelled across Portugal to search for filming locations and along the way took several photographs for his collection called “Observations and Explorations”.

You can see a preview of Krish’s collection below and the trailers for the projects here and here.

Postcards from Portugal_002

Walking along the Tagus river, I spotted this brave man getting ready to go for a swim. Not really am ideal swimming spot but he definitely seemed like he knew what he was doing. Wish I could've stayed around for a bit longer to see where he went, but I'm glad I got to capture his moment of contemplation before he jumped into the deep blue.


My experiments with reflections continue with this throwback to the end of autumn when Lisbon was wet and miserable, but I guess you have to find time to stop and appreciate the little things that just hang out in plain sight. Really enjoying some of the colours and tones that this 800 stock has been giving me.

Postcards from Portugal_003

Postcards from Portugal_004

Walking through the beautiful town of Evora, we found this cemetery that lay just outside the historic city walls. Its never easy walking through a place like this, however we were treated to some stunning grave ornaments as we looked closer. Here is one such example of something so haunting and dark yet so remarkably beautiful.

Postcards from Portugal_012

Meet Antonio, the most energetic 75-year-old man I've met. We stumbled across him when we took a wrong turn and ended up on a dead end in the middle of a tangerine farm. The wrong turn allowed us to meet Antonio who promptly took us on a tour of his own farm. The tour included eating some of the freshest, juiciest peaches in the world and drink the best homemade 'Fire Water' or Madronio.

Postcards from Portugal_005

Postcards from Portugal_006

Waiting to get into this amazing restaurant in Evora, spotted this old lady in the middle of a heated discussion with this gentleman here. It was great to catch this glimpse of life and energy in the otherwise lonely streets of this little town. The image above it is also representative of the quiet by-lanes that are abundant in the town.  I love the way that yellow in the walls pops out to give the streets this characteristic warmth.

Postcards from Portugal_013

Another one from our trip down south. Here we have Dean Radovanović being a sexy beast at sunset with the Atlantic going crazy in the background. Love the way the evening light allows us to look way into his eyes and give us a glimpse into the man behind the chaos.

Postcards from Portugal_007

I had the opportunity to shoot a beautiful documentary with Atsushi Kuwayama that revolves around his encounters with people that he meets along the way as he drives through the country in this beautiful camper van named, Burrito. So our shoot/journey was a six-day adventure in this amazing vehicle and we ended up meeting some great humans in the process. Day 2 however saw us in a bit of a tight spot in a remote corner of Alentejo. The locals though made sure we got out and back on the road in record time!

Postcards from Portugal_009

More experimentation with the Minolta Weathermatic. This time, I had some Fuji colour film inside on our trip to the Algarve. We found this perfect isolated beach somewhere along the west coast and absolutely loved it. The locals call these unguarded beaches, "selvagem" which means wild. With open shores to the mighty Atlantic, the beach definitely lived up to the expectations.