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What's your favourite place to get breakfast and why?

The Nutcracker Café because it has great food. Added bonus – a great music playlist. I usually order the Salli Eggs, an Americano, and Dark Chocolate Waffles. If it's winter (the one week in Mumbai that we have winter, but whatever), I order the Eton Mess Waffles off the seasonal menu.

What's your favourite independent cinema?

The Liberty Mini Theatre. It's a 30 seater Art Deco hall with a grand gold-embroidered red curtain in front of the screen. The lighting is cosy, the seats are plush and there's even an ash-tray nook in place for each patron (no longer usable because of indoor smoking rules but still cool). The theatre is on the top floor of the building that houses the main Liberty cinema. It's used for preview screenings and can be rented out for private screenings as well.  I watched Moulin Rouge there and it was magical.

If you had to slot Bombay under a genre of music, then what would it be? Is there a song that embodies the city?

Dubstep, without a doubt. The visceral bass, insistent syncopated drums and the way the music feels like a physical force – that’s what it feels like to be out and about in Mumbai. Song that embodies the city: You Get What You Give by New Radicals.

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