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Drop In, Downward Dog, Depart

Bandra Santacruz

Until I walked in on my best friends mum, Anita, doing a headstand for no particular reason, I’d had two…

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The Best Of All Possible Purgatories


In June 2014, now nearly two years ago, my husband and I took what still feels like the most exhilarating — and challenging…

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All At Sea, Or Reverie


It’s 10 a.m. on a Saturday. My bed is far away, but my heart isn’t. A professional photographer asks us whether we would…

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Top Of The Morning To Ya, Guv’nor

Malabar Hill

A peahen walked barely a stone’s throw away from me, strutting along the garden as if out for a morning walk. I…

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Clowns To The Left Of Me


Can you hear it? Peals of raucous laughter, and the carnival-like excitement that accompanies something new.

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(Maybe) The Saint Of Coming Of Age

Dhobi Talao

There was a lot of hair on campus. Not the kind that photographs well on breezy evenings at Marine Drive; that belonged…

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Celebrating A Life, After Death


February 3, 2000 was a dark day in the history of Indian Classical Music. Ustad Zakir Hussain’s sister, Razia Hussain, who went in…

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Queer As Us

Gowalia Tank

My circle is now of the age where we can count backwards and forwards with equal gravitas. Naturally, the tenure of our…

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When The Boats Come Home


The koli women walk down bylanes with loaded cane baskets on their head ever so gracefully. They’re sensuous. They literally smell a good…

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Ne Parlez Pas Anglais!


My love affair with the language of France began when I was 12 years old and took lessons from my cousin’s fiancée. She…

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12 Coach Chaos

Churchgate Fort

I made one mistake that day. For someone who has lived in Mumbai forever, it was a mistake equal to…

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Dinner And A Movie


There’s a screen set up along the north wall and the projector rests on a table in the middle of the room. It’s…

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