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The Electric Peacock

City Of Westminster

Soho is a separate universe within London. It traps time, places and memories so that once you enter through its outer…

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Pen & Eliot: A Love Story

City of Westminster

Like the best love stories, it almost didn’t happen. We were looking for a pub to sip quietly in while we…

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Please Don’t Touch The Bottles

Camden City of Westminster

“Madame? Please don’t touch the bottles.” I look up from my reverie, hand wrapped around a large…

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Chlorine, Breakfast Of Champions


When I was learning to swim in the 1990s I had an instructor who had really hairy toes. He would stand at the…

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One For The Money: A Day At The Dog Track


“And here comes the bunny!” Not a statement I expected to hear at the Greyhound Races in Wimbledon. I was a complete newbie…

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That Old Buzz On Electric Avenue


Electric Avenue at Brixton is a cornucopia of all the basic necessities of life: food, drink, clothes and kitchen towels. A walk down…

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Fortress Of The Arts

City of London

It was the summer of 2012. I had spent all of spring falling in love with a man a thousand miles…

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Instead Of Amsterdam


It was to have been a weekend in Amsterdam. I had booked tickets, spoken with friends and made half a dozen plans. What…

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Red Lace And Blue Pills

Tower Hamlets

Valentine’s Day and London. Ultimately, love and London. I draw blank after blank when trying to tie these together. I can think…

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Fringe Benefits


“My friend’s performing. She’s really good. Come in!” It was about midnight. We shrugged our shoulders and walked in. Bad idea… Was this…

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Off West-End

Southwark Lambeth

The annual Dramatics Competition in my school in Bangalore was an important event. There were “audition” announcements…

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Bouldering At The Biscuit


Hot water. That’s what you need to avoid after your first day of bouldering. It was day one and I had just finished…

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No Rest For The Wicket


Most Saturdays in the summer you’ll find me standing on a patch of mown grass at one of four locations in Hackney. If…

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