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Where can we find you on a typical Saturday morning in the city?

If not at home, I'd probably be at our local cafe, Tutti's, on Lamb's Conduit Street. My usual is a ham and cheese toasty with nutty cinnamon porridge and a coffee (yes, all at once!). My favourite spot is in the middle of the café, where there's an old, red sofa. Sitting there, you can meet local people who've been living in the neighbourhood for decades.

Is there a must-do activity you have for each season of the year?

Not really. But I do love walking in the city. This is how I mostly get around. It's a great way to look at the buildings, observe people, and wander through the little pocket parks. This summer I'd  like to get a bike. When I first got to London five years ago, I didn't feel safe riding in the city. But it's changing and it seems there are more and more people cycling every day.

What space in London would make for a picture perfect postcard to send?

I really love the back streets around Hampstead Heath Station. It feels like you're in a village, even though you're still in Central London. 

Where's the best coffee in your neighbourhood?

My personal favourite is Brill in Exmouth Market. The owner, Jeremy, makes the perfect flat-white and he's always up for a chat. As a designer working with climate change and air pollution, I sometimes feel that I talk too much about grim topics. But Jeremy and his colleagues are always curious.

Which non-touristy museums and galleries do you suggest for someone who has done all the tourist sights in London?

I would suggest they check out the Photographer's Gallery and the end-of-year graduate shows at the Royal College of Art, the Bartlett and Central Saint Martins (to name a few).

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