Le Café In Chembur Is Perfect For Leisurely Lunches


le cafe chembur


For over a decade now, Chembur’s foremost café – Le Café – has delighted gourmands with its crowd-pleasing favourites such as grilled chicken or fish in pepper sauce as well as its pizzas and pasta. They also have salads, soups, and gluten-free, multigrain options for the health conscious. With free WiFi, this cosy 33-seater is an option for a working lunch as well as a raucous reunion with friends.

Le Café, Jewel of Chembur, 1st Road, Near Natraj Cinema, Chembur (e), Mumbai 400071. Phone: 022 6709 9999


If you want to step out for a working meal and a change of pace in Chembur, Le Café comes the closest to a gracious host who is quick to envelop you in a hug, offer some hot chocolate, and let you get on with your work. The décor is fuss-free and minimalist, with bright floor to ceiling windows, vintage brass knick-knacks, and colourful art. This is clearly not one of those places that spent more on the décor and less on menu development.

It is safe to say Le Café is no slacker in the food department. On days when deadlines make you want to hit pause, step in for some quick comfort. If sugar is not your poison, then try their fondue. I like to ask for additional jalapenos, shallots, and grilled pepper and make a meal of it. The service is quick and attentive, and the staff have been here for years – long enough to remember your standing order of veg paprika or stroganoff. On days when you feel the weight of the world crushing you, order their popular thin crust pizzas and call your friends. This is no day for a solo meal, and let’s be practical; you will struggle to finish that pizza alone.

Their desserts can always be relied upon to lift the spirits in the humid summer or the pouring monsoon. Their tiramisu in a cutting glass tumbler is best savoured alone. I rarely get more than a spoonful of it when shared, because even the most slothful lunch companions discover speed as their superpower when attacking this dessert. Maybe it is restaurant karma or payback. As someone who used to scoff at tiramisu as a boring dessert order, Le Café has suitably chastened me.
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