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A furtive glance. A stolen kiss. The electric touch of a grazing hand. That’s about the sum of the action you can get in the big, bad city.

Mumbai is a city for everyone – entrepreneurs, bright-eyed students, wanna be film stars, makers and doers of all sorts, but a city for lovers it is not. In this megapolis starved for space, an opportunity for intimacy is as elusive as a day without traffic. But it’s Valentine’s Day, dinners have been done to death, and teddy bears are too cheesy. So bring out the blindfolds, light up the scented candles, crack open a bottle of champagne, and check into one of these hotels for a day of love (or lust) because we’re ready to kiss and tell.

Sofitel Mumbai BKC

While Bandra-Kurla Complex with its glass facade buildings and cold hearted business vibe may not seem like the ideal place to get hot and heavy, you’ll change your mind once you’re inside. Think Gatsby manor rooms that will set you on the path to hedonism. With a bathtub and mirror facing bed, we suspect that won’t be too difficult; just remember to close those blinds beforehand to keep out the dreariness and peeping toms.

Tip: Be nice enough to the person at the reception and they may offer you an upgrade for a nominal additional charge. The hotel also offers happy hours at the bar (with certain room deals) in the evening: which means free drinks and an alcohol fuelled evening.

Sofitel Mumbai BKC, C 57, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (e), Mumbai 400 051

Hotel Harbour View

What was once a seedy hotel with a notorious reputation has now turned into an adorable boutique hotel with nautical themed rooms. If you’ve ever fantasised about a sailor on a ship, this hotel is the answer. Throw caution to the winds, open the windows, and spend an afternoon of love making as the sea breeze and your lover caress the salt on your skin.

Tip: The hotel has a rooftop bar for when you want to take a break and look at the stars or into your paramour’s eyes.

Hotel Harbour View, 25 PJ Ramchandani Marg, Apollo Bandra, Colaba, Mumbai 400 001

Sahara Star

What this hotel lacks in taste, it makes up for with its discretion policy. Perfect for when you’re in the mood for a quickie and want to be in and out (pun intended) in a few hours, no questions asked. The rooms are categorised by planet names, and we recommend the Venus Premier rooms that have a sky facing glass roof so you can see stars, both literally and figuratively.

Tip: While we don’t condone exhibitionism, we do recommend a bit of mischief to up the ante. Sneak in a bit of PDA at the hotel’s pool that lies at the centre with rooms overlooking it before heading up for a more adult version.

Sahar Star, Opposite Mumbai Domestic Airport, Mumbai 400 099

Four Seasons Hotel

We’ve all been to Aer for its expansive views and sunset happy hours. Now imagine that in your own private cocoon. Get a room on a higher floor, order in martinis, and make love pressed up against the windows as the sun melts into the sky behind you.

Tip: Check in late at night and sneak out early for an added bit of thrill (and if you want to avoid running into a known face), though getting caught is half the fun.

Four Seasons Hotel, 1/136, Dr E Moses Road, Gandhi Nagar, Worli, Mumbai 400 018

Grand Hyatt

It’s buzzing with activity at any time of day or night, so privacy is something you can’t get when you’re outside your room here. This is your cue for some role-play action as you sit at the bar, surrounded by strangers. Pretend like you don’t know each other and indulge in some dirty talk before heading up to your room to sublimate your passion down to the last detail.

Tip: The hotel doesn’t entertain walk in reservations so make sure you book your room in advance so it doesn’t put a spoke in your plans.

Grand Hyatt, Bandra Kurla Complex vicinity, Off Western Express Highway, Santacruz (e), Mumbai 400 055

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