Give Thanks For Gaylord Bakery


gaylord bakery


Gaylord is an iconic restaurant at Churchgate that has a bakery attached to it. It serves a wide range of breads and savoury baked goods such as pizza and quiche, as well as cakes, pastries, and pies. It’s apple pie, in particular, is delicious.

Gaylord, Mayfair Building, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020. Phone: 2282 125


First, let me clarify that I have never entered Gaylord the restaurant, just three steps beyond your destination; for years, Gaylord the bakery has held my troth.

Walk in and take a deep breath. Let the food air in, and the (dieting) fad air out. Admire the display of sugar’s most magnificent heirs and use your handkerchief to mop the corners of your slavering mouth.

If you don’t like sweets, focus all your energies on living a good and pious life henceforth and hope to be reborn as someone who does. To help you bear the cross of your dessert-less existence, you are permitted to select a quiche. The quiche is good.

But if you are one of the gentlefolk who has sweet teeth that will one day make way for sweet dentures, ask for a slice of apple pie. Gaylord giveth with both hands: it offers a sticky, squelchy, open pie as well as one endowed with cashews and cinnamon, protected by a blanket of crumbly pastry. Know that I will judge you according to your choice; there is only one correct option*.

State your selection to one of the no-nonsense cashiers who roll their eyes when a customer has too many questions or takes too long to decide. These men (who get to inhale whiffs of pie all day) will ask you life’s two most important questions: “Having it here? Heat it up?”

Collect your warm slice of heaven and toddle over to the seating area where weighty, carved stone chairs dare you to drag one of them back and sit at the marble-topped table.

Plunge spoon into pie. Lift spoon to mouth. Goodbye.

*The correct option is, buy one to eat, pack one for home. Nothing less will do.