A Cracking Brunch At Egg Break

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Eggs, avocado and stellar desserts are just a few reasons to have brunch at Egg Break.

If you are mildly social, chances are that on a few given Sundays, that one girl from your group who seems to be supplied with more than 24 hours in a day will have reserved a spot for brunch. So, on a Sunday at 10 a.m., I am on the tube to Notting Hill Gate with a few hung-over teenagers making their way back home while occasionally sipping Lucozade.

I agreed to this brunch for two reasons – what used to be a nondescript Thai restaurant was now converted to a fashionable brunch spot where the coffee was served diner style, which meant I could have as much as I liked, and my brunch bunch had already visited this place three weeks in a row and could not stop talking about it. So, I had to check it out if only to be tagged in the inevitable Instagram photos.

Notting Hill, just behind Coronet Cinema, is directly across from Portobello Road where all the tourists flock in their brightly coloured t-shirts with hazardous selfie sticks and large flags. I happily walk in the other direction where the street is sun bathed and devoid of cameras and fanny packs. Egg Break is small and full of effortless brunch goers. Their rolled-out-of-bed look is flawless and not at all frightening like mine. Our hostess leads us downstairs, which is roomier than the top floor. The pastel décor is soft, and we slide into a corner table.

I realise that the mains have been a slow, steady build up to dessert, which is stellar.

The menu is small and perfectly numbered for all of us to order one thing each. The dishes are inventive but safe, and, given the name, rely heavily on a combination of eggs, toast, avocado and the likes. Eggs are served in the manner of your choosing – scrambled, over easy, poached etc. Sriracha hollandaise – the fiery foreign cousin to an otherwise boring hollandaise – is also an option. Someone orders a Mexican omelette, and it arrives in all its wriggling glory in a dark skillet, peppered with feta and coriander. The pancakes are skinny but filled with fresh berries and a powdery dusting of icing sugar with syrup on the side. This tells me they truly understand the needs of a brunch goer and respect his/her volition to syrup as needed. Thank you, Egg Break. There are steak and eggs on the table, which are gone before I can steal a bite. But they make a friend forget about her hangover for a while, and I take it to mean they were more than good. Bottled juices from Blend and Press are a nice padding to a tea and coffee dominated beverage menu. We order nearly everything – including dessert – off the menu as we exchange notes on Saturday night Netflix viewings.

I realise that the mains have been a slow, steady build up to dessert, which is stellar. The cereal milk ice cream with golden toasted flakes – no doubt inspired by Christina Tosi from Milk Bar in New York – is creamy and flavoured to the right degree without being overwhelming or lost. The flakes are toasted, charred slightly, and work well with the made-to-order ice cream.

Plenty of Instagram photos are taken and hashtags are discussed while another round of coffee is poured. The restaurant is perfect for many reasons, least of which is its deliberate design to be “insta-worthy” – which is a real and coveted title for growing businesses, a friend assures me. The real hero is the staff, though. They are friendly, quick, do not rush lingering customers and make a mean hollandaise sauce.

Egg Break, 30 Uxbridge Street, Notting Hill W8 7TA. Phone: 020 3535 8300