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Curzon Soho is a cinema that features small, independent films, documentary events, and Q&As with filmmakers. Located in the heart of London on Shaftesbury Avenue, it is part of the Curzon chain of cinemas and has a bar in addition to its three screens.

Curzon Soho99 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 5DY. Phone: 0330 500 1331


The line between buff and snob is a fine one. My friend and I certainly straddle that line in the cinematic sphere and often meet up for the latest film by the Dardennes, Cristian Mungiu, or some other independent film director.

The Curzon is a select chain that has carved out a special place on the London cinematic landscape: a commitment to – and love of – small and independent films but with an operational stature and size that reflects something much more as it slowly expands in number from within London to beyond.

In fact, Philip Knatchbull, CEO of Curzon World made a powerful speech at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts: “From Charlie Chaplin to Michael Haneke and everyone in between. Our goal is to get their incredible films seen,” noting the “power of storytelling” and the risks and the supports that are needed to make films outside of the mainstream.

Curzon Soho is one of the first and one of the best of the growing cinema franchise. It’s perfectly central location is an ideal meeting point for those coming from different directions. It has three screens, so there’s plenty of options for the avid movie-goer – and it’s also perfect if you don’t even feel like seeing a movie at all.

Venture downstairs and you discover a relaxed but vibrant bar not only populated by film buffs, cinematic snobs and those in between, but also by those just enjoying a relaxed drink and catching up with friends.

My tip if you decide to go for both a catch up and a film – there’s good quality coffee and cake on offer. It could mean less bathroom breaks mid-movie than something more alcohol-infused, and you are less likely to fall asleep in the back row. Save the beers and the snoring for when you are dragged along to the next Michael Bay offering at your multiplex.

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