Soothing The Soul At Celeste




A quaint store close to Dhobi Talao junction, Celeste features colourful energy candles, multi-coloured crystal trees, and rock crystals, among other things. Clients can buy products as well as avail of services such as tarot reading, psychometry, and crystal ball gazing. It also hosts regular workshops and life coaching sessions.

Celeste, The Center, 5A Avijah Bldg, Ground Floor, 647 JSS Road, Mumbai 400 002. Phone: 98201 39397


It measures just about 350 square feet on the narrow JSS Road almost, hugging the iconic century-old Irani café Kyani & Co. There are quaint objects that grab your attention as you step into Celeste, The Center: colourful energy candles, multi-coloured crystal trees, rock crystals, healing wands et al that adorn a little shelf. Opposite you is a room big enough to accommodate 20 adults. An aura reading session is on. The expert is not using any machine and is analysing through the naked eye. Some people are stopping by to sign up for a rose meditation (zen technique) session to commence the following week. Some are asking about the humming meditation session (Tibetan technique).

Celeste provides products and services that promise to be a panacea to the evils that plague a modern life. Manju Mohinani Patil started her store almost two decades ago. “Over the years,” she says, “the same reasons are prompting people to come – family, relationship, wealth, career, and health issues. Of course, where required, we make our clients take a doctor’s advice. Since the last eight years, we are observing more young people queuing up.”

Several clients want to know how to be at peace and usher positive energy. While different techniques work for different people, Manju says, generally speaking even a plate of rose quartz and citrine crystals can do wonders. She gets few quirky cases too like a teenager came to her to redress her pizza addiction!

But perhaps what is special about this shop for the soul is that it stays with you even when you step out into your busy life. I got a feel for tarot card reading by placing my hands on the cards, and Manju gave me positive observations. It was hardly for a few minutes, but it felt like a gift for a lifetime. Some words stay on healing you from inside out.

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