Shruti Seth’s Guide To Andheri


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Shruti_200pxActor Shruti Seth was born, raised, and attended school in Andheri. It’s the only home she’s known for the last 40 years, so it’s no wonder we went straight to her to find out what’s good in the ’hood. From the best running tracks to martinis, this is Shruti Seth’s Andheri.

What do you like about Andheri?

It’s an easy suburb, and honestly, it’s large enough for it to be developed really well. I’m hoping that people will see more and more potential in the spaces that are available around. I’ve seen it evolve over the years. And it’s home.

Where do you go for a leisurely breakfast? And where do you go if you want to just grab something on-the-go?

For a leisurely breakfast, I go to Indigo Deli or Bistro 1. Both serve really nice, wholesome breakfasts, and they’re welcoming and hospitable. To grab-and-go, grab a sandwich, coffee shop chains are the best.

Speaking of coffee, who does the best coffee in Andheri?

I don’t drink coffee. But from friends who drink a lot, aside from the regulars, the coffee at Indigo has a wide variety of coffees.

Andheri Guide_003

Is there a good swimming pool in your neighbourhood? What about a running track or trail?

There are three really good pools – Raheja Classique Club; an Olympic-sized pool at this club called Celebration, and there’s one at Andheri Sports Complex. There are lots of parks, most of which have a running track.

Andheri Guide_002

If someone was coming to Andheri for just one time and would never return, where would you take them for lunch? And what would you order?

There’s this really interesting place that’s almost a hole in the wall in Shastri Nagar called Darjeeling. It does Tibetan and North Eastern food. It’s very reasonably priced. They do excellent food, and it’s such a quaint place. I’d order the thukpa and the momos.

Where can you get a really well-made martini?

Indigo Deli

Is there a place open for late-night snacks?

I’m sure there are late-night snack places, but since I don’t have any late nights anymore I wouldn’t know. My neighbourhood has become a huge party hub, and there are all these stalls that have opened up that serve things like anda parathas. Fun.

If you need a timeout, do you have a hideaway that is not your house?

There’s the cutest little place called Leaping Windows. It’s a comic book library and it has a fully functional café. You can sit there for several hours just hanging out there. There are quite a few beautiful parks now, some with landscaped jogging tracks. There’s another near Model Town. Also my building has a lovely, landscaped garden where we spend our evenings.

andheri parks

Change one thing about Andheri (not the traffic, that’s too obvious).

The people! Hahahaha, no I’m kidding. It could be greener! It’s such a massive suburb – it needs less littering and more trees. I also want to change the food taste. Everything is Indian and Chinese.

What would be the one thing you’d miss about Andheri if you had to move to another part of the city?

My parents, because I was raised here and my family is right next door to me. Other than that my apartment – it’s smack in the heart of where all the action is. And it’s constructed in a way that it feels like an oasis.

Feature photograph by Ting Chen [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Flickr. Photograph of Andheri park by Naman Saraiya. Andheri Sports Complex photo by Rohit 80101 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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