“For those who are lost, there will always be cities that feel like home.”
– Simon Van Booy

The City Story aims to enrich the experiences and interaction between people and cities.

Cities can be big, confusing, anonymous places – whether you’re a first time visitor, a new resident, or a seasoned local. But cities are also full of incredible stories, amazing people, and unique places – knowing these is the difference between being a stranger and feeling part of a community. We want to share these stories with people, helping them create a personal, emotional connection to their cities and communities.

The City Story is a city guide and local discovery platform that maps cities through their hidden stories. Whenever you open a City Story map, you surround yourself with stories from nooks and corners of neighbourhoods across the city. We work with a network of local writers, photographers, and artists to make cities familiar, and we currently focus on Mumbai and London.