42 Questions With Adhuna Akhtar

adhuna bhabani


In this series, we ask people the hard questions about things that matter – like man buns, footballs, and secrets from the chair.

This week we talk to actor Adhuna Akhtar, babe, Bollywood's bringer of curls to screen, and founder of BBlunt,  who has changed the way we regard hairstyling and hairstylists.


1. Is every day a good hair day for you? 

I wish!

2. Who does your hair? 


3. Man buns – yay or nay?


4. Liverpool or Everton?


5. What position do you play in the OD Squad? 

Owner along with my partner for the new season Nitya Mehra. 

6. Who’s your favourite football player?


7. How old were you when you rode your first horse?

Four years old

8. Where do you ride horses in Mumbai now?

At Japalouppe Equestrian Centre in Talegaon. 

9. Do you have a scooter like a good Bandra girl?


10. Did you bring curly girls to Bollywood? 

I’d like to think that we [the BBlunt team] helped..

11. Free will or destiny?

Free will

12. Dogs, cats, or horses?

Dogs and horses with equal vigour!

13. What’s one thing that hasn’t changed for teenage girls?

The Patriarchy

14. What’s one thing that has?


15. What advice did your mum give you that you’d give your girls?

‘If at first you do not succeed, try, try again!’... Amongst many other legendary words of wisdom my Mum has shared with me. 

16. Do your girls borrow your clothes or vice versa?


17. What’s one thing any woman can carry off? 

A great haircut! 

18. What’s your personal style mantra? 

Whatever I feel in the mood for!🤣

19. What’s a good hat for girls for Mumbai?

Any hat! I love hats – find one that suits your face shape and shields your eyes from the sun. 

20. What do you first notice in a guy?

I first notice everyone’s hair.... it’s an occupational hazard!

21. What country in the world breeds the sexiest guys? (Generalisation we know) 

Europe... generalisation 🤪

22. Biggest turn off? 

Ugly shoes

23. What is the worst thing we’re doing to our hair? 

Growing it to extraordinary long lengths even if it it’s in bad condition! A regular haircut and conditioning regimen helps. 

24. Are silk pillows really the answer to great skin and hair?

I highly doubt it.

25. How many nationalities/ethnicities make up Adhuna Bhabani?

British Isles (English, Irish, and Welsh) and India (Bengali)

26. What’s the most British thing about you?

My passport

27. What’s the most Bengali (or Bandra) thing about you?

I enjoy eating seafood!

28. How long have you known your best friend?

Since I was born...

29. How many ‘friends and family’ haircuts do you give a month?

Not many... it varies

30. What’s changed in Mumbai on the salon chair?

Our clients know more now than they did 20 years ago... there is easy access to what’s available outside of India. 

31. What’s changed outside the door?

The traffic has increased, travel has become a pain in the neck… The lack of city planning... should I go on?

32. What will always be on your salon playlist? And on your own?

Hip Hop/ old school/funk

33. Do stylists still get told everyone’s secrets?

There is a fair amount of secret sharing between stylist and client... it’s important to build rapport... 

34. Without naming any names, what’s the most hair-raising thing you’ve heard from someone in the chair?

I can’t pick one!

35. Where in Mumbai do you go out drinking and dancing?

My home, homes of friends... I’m getting old 

36. What Mumbai watering hole do you miss the most?

The Ghetto... 

37. Where do you head to when you have two days to escape?

Goa or the hills

38. Do you have a favourite spa?

No.. I wish I had time to ‘spa’… perhaps in some other lifetime.

39. What’s the worst part about running an empire?

Having to juggle everything that needs to be addressed yet managing to motivate and be positive all the time, for everyone. 

40. What’s the best?

The pleasure of watching everyone’s journey and growth 

41. Finish the sentence – Boys will be…

Equal to girls. 

42. Who runs the world?

They’re not running it... they’re ruining it. 

Photograph courtesy Rafique Sayed